About Us

Royal Nannies is a Nanny Referral Agency that refers quality Childcare providers to families who prefer the individual attention and personal care of a Nanny over the group experience of a daycare. The process in finding the right Nanny can be extremely stressful and time consuming. Royal Nannies can remove the stress and challenge many working parents face in their search for a safe, reliable Nanny. 

Each Nanny accepted to join Royal Nannies registry goes through an extensive screening process. We take pride in our screening process and feel that it is necessary to ensure safety, skill and love in your home. 

Our Mission is to provide families with a peace of mind by referring the perfect quality Nanny to meet their needs and exceed their expectations in the comfort of their own home. 

Client Benefits

With Royal Nannies a parent will benefit from the following:

  • One on one care for your child.
  • Involvement in the recruitment process to choose the best Nanny to fit your needs and expectations.
  • Thorough screening process that includes:
    • Background Check
    • CPR Certification
    • First Aid
    • Drug Screen
    • MVA Record
    • Sex Offender Registry Search
    • Social Security Trace
    • Knowledge/Skill Exam
    • And more!
  • Your child is cared for in a familiar and comfortable environment.
  • Convenience for parents. Parents do not have to dress and pick up their children to take them to a daycare center.
  • Nannies provide a more flexible schedule. It is not an issue when parents need to leave early in the morning and cannot return by the standard closing time of a daycare center.

  • Children will not catch every illness that is going around by staying home. Parent are not required to take as much time off to care for a sick child.
  • More control over values and rules your child is exposed to. Parents can communicate to the Nanny the way things are done and ask that they Nanny follows family rules, teach family values, etc.
  • Additional help around the house can be provided (light housekeeping, cooking, errands, etc.)
  • Nannies can assist with homework, take and pick up children from school, plan fun activities, etc.
  • Unlimited fill-ins if the Nanny is sick or on vacation at any time.
  • Access to 24 hour customer support.
  • Access to expert advice if needed.

Please read The Placement Process to get details on how to start the search for your best match!

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